School Year

Welcome back for another exciting and enjoyable school year at Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary School!  We are planning many wonderful and engaging activities for this school year.  The building looks fantastic due to our wonderful custodial staff.  Delta staff have been involved in a variety of trainings throughout Summer 2023 to ensure they are knowledgeable of best practices and continue to develop their pedagogy; especially, with our core Math and Reading programs.  We have two new staff members that your child could see and work with at Delta: Mr. Jacob Snelbaker (grade 3) and Miss Hannah Plotkin (grade 4).  We will officially open up on Wednesday August 23.  Our Open House will be on Wednesday August 16 (4-6 PM for kindergarten and Miss Stone's class) and Thursday August 17 (grades 1-4).  Please stop by to meet and greet you child's homeroom teacher, the grade-level teachers, your child's Specials teachers and any other Delta staff members.  Kindergarten will have a "stand-a-lone" open house... parents/guardians may go and visit each of our kindergarten classrooms/teachers since we are devoting our the first several days of the school to Orientation Week for Kindergarten.  Details of this week will be communicated during the week of August 7.  Kindergarten students will receive their "final" homeroom letter on Friday August 25 to take home and share with their family.  All of your child's school supplies are housed at our school...we have everything your child could need except...ear buds.  Please stock up on one-to-two pair in case there is wear-and-tear or they are misplaced...everything else we have plenty of and are ready to hand whatever it is, out!  We are grateful to be able to enjoy another fantastic year with each of you and your child as we provide them the foundational skills necessary to move onto their next grade or the next building.  Take care everyone and we will see you soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Have a great year!     #WE ARE DELTA!

Dr. Zane Fake
[email protected] or  [email protected]
(717) 456-5313