Principal's Office

PRINCIPAL – DR. ZANE S. FAKE [email protected]

Phone: Delta-Peach Bottom (717) 456-5313 x5801 Fax: Delta-Peach Bottom (717) 456-6042 

Main Goal: To ensure the students of Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary School receive a top-quality education while working along with talented educators and support staff.

Philosophy of Education: Education should balance in several respects. The best teachers care about and advance a child's growth as a human being as well as his or her progress as a student. The two processes are inseparable and they affect each other in any number of ways. The best form of education is one in which seemingly disparate subject areas of experiences work together to foster a child's development. The powers of reasoning, the sensitivity of the heart, and the capacity for lifelong enjoyment of athletic activity and artistic endeavor must all be nurtured.

Professional Experiences:
Principal (Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary School):
Jan 2016-present
Assistant Principal (Kennard-Dale High School): 2007- Jan 2016
Assistant Principal (SEMS-East): 2012-13 
Acting Principal (SEMS-West): July 2010-September 2010
Social Studies Teacher/Assistant Athletic Director (Kennard-Dale High School): 2002-2006

Immaculata University (Ed. D.)-2012
Temple University (M. Ed. in Ed Admin)-2007
The Pennsylvania State University (M. Ed. in Curriculum and Inst.)- 2005
The Pennsylvania State University (B.S. in Sec Ed/Social Studies)-2001
Dallastown High School-1997

Providing Progressive Education to Strengthen the Global Community
The SESD exists to Inspire and Impact learners.  We do this by providing a comprehensive, innovative, and personalized educational experience that removes barreirs