Healthy Living


     At Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary, the staff and faculty recognize that a healthier lifestyle will contribute to better learning and a lifelong decreased risk in developing chronic illness. New statements from the Centers for Disease Control state that America's children are at risk for childhood obesity, which in turn puts them at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. The health services department of South Eastern School District is implementing programs to increase a "healthy" awareness in our students.
      During the school year, students will be learning about health lifestyle choices. My plans are to visit the classrooms and educate the students on ways to help them maintain an healthy lifestyle. Bulletin boards and posters are located in the health room and selected class rooms that remind students to eat fruits and vegetables, get plenty of exercise, and the importance of following the My Plate initiative. Also, throughout the school year, the nurse will visit the cafeteria, encouraging students to include fruits and vegetables in their lunch.