School Year

Welcome back for another exciting and enjoyable school year at Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary School!  We are all very excited to be back and to create many positive opportunities for all of our students.  The school building looks fantastic due to our wonderful custodial staff of Jean Matthai, Barb Little, Lisa Moul and JR Neal.  Additionally, we have installed a full basketball court on our lower parking lot for the students and community to enjoy, and were able to update our two outdoor spaces for students and staff to enjoy some sunlight and fresh air.  Finally, the Woodland Walk is taking shape thanks to our dedicated volunteers led by Mrs. Simpkins.
As for school supplies, they will all be supplied by the school. The ONLY item your child will need to bring into is one pair (or two) pair of ear buds/head phones.  I made it a point to budget all school supplies into this year's budget so that all of our families at Delta can rely on the school to take care of each child's educational needs.  Parents are more than welcome to purchase any items on their own for their child to have in addition to what the school will be supplying.
The staff at Delta-Peach Bottom will be ready to go!  We welcome Ms. Lauren Ramspacher to our building.  She will be teaching out of our Emotional Support classroom.  Additionally, we have added an extra homeroom to grade 2 (Mrs. Gomez) to help reduce class size and increase students' math/reading instruction.
We want parents to be involved as much as possible at Delta and their child's education.  We have parent nights where we teach strategies for working with your child in reading/writing, math, science and healthy we encourage YOU to be a part of Delta's P.T.A.  You can find more information in the P.T.A. link on this website.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Have a great year!

Dr. Zane Fake or
(717) 456-5313